Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trades from a Bearded Man

Fellow blogger Beardy was kind enough to send me these sweet sweet cards in exchange for some O's cards, and since I'm no longer on hiatus I thought I'd show them off.

Johnny Cueto TTT patch auto 71/75. What an awesome card. Sticker auto, yes... but I still love it.

The bat piece on this card looks as if it were pulled from a fire. A fire caused by a BIG RED MACHINE. See what I did there?

This is officially the oldest card I've ever owned. 1931 Play Ball - Harry Francis Craft card #65. Still in great shape too!

Beardy sent many other cards, so if you get a chance to trade with him, go for it... he's very generous!


  1. Look at you! A proper post! With PICTURES!

  2. That is a 39 Play Ball, not a 31. Sorry to cut 8 years off your oldest card record.