Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Box Break - 2009 Topps Chrome Football Hobby Box.

I went to my local card shop yesterday, and picked up a box of 2009 Topps Chrome Football for $50. Not a bad deal... and while I did not pull anything great I must say I still enjoy the set very much. Great photography and as always the chrome and refractors just look so cool. My only hit of note was a Mark Sanchez RC, as my auto was no one of interest.


  1. I just bought a box of this as well.... haven't cracked it yet though.

  2. I grabbed a pack the other day and enjoyed the design and photography more than the baseball version.

    That being said, I ended up with 2 Steve Smith cards. Yes, the same Steve Smith (CAR). One base, and one refractor. Let me know if you find any Packer refractors!

  3. Either of you find anything cool inside your boxes? I got a blaster recently . . .

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